Listbiz: time for a change.

Megan Crowhurst mcrowhurst at MAIL.UTEXAS.EDU
Sat Nov 6 20:15:17 UTC 1999

Dear Flingstas,

We're set up at the Linguist site, y'all have been moved, and we're
ready to start using the new Fling address now.  To send messages to
Fling from now on, please post to:

fling at

(We'll be dismantling the UNC list shortly.) Editorial mail can be
sent to fling-request at

Note that for a while you'll see in Fling messages an address with
the host name "".  Don't use this address, as
it's not for real and will suddenly cease to exist in a couple of

Fling postings will be archived at:

...and we'll be moving the existing archives from UNC to that address
over the next while.

There are a number of advantages to being housed at Linguistlist.
One of these is that anyone with access to the internet can subscribe
and unsubscribe herself, select the Digest version of Fling, etc. by
going to the following website and following instructions.

This address will take you to a list of mailing lists archived on the
linguist site.  Find Fling on that list, and click on the word
"Fling".  You'll then find yourself in a place that says "If you wish
to subscribe to the fling list, you can do so here".  Click on the
underlined word "here", and it will take you to a place where you can
set up your fling subscription just the way you want it, stop mail
temporarily, etc.  We recommend that you check it out.

One caution:  An advantage for us, the list "owners", is that bad
addresses are monitored for a few days and then are automatically
deleted from the list if problems continue.  This will drastically
reduce the amount of maintenance work we do, but it means that
listmembers will have to keep on top of address changes; if your
address changes or goes bad, you may suddenly stop getting messages.
If that happens, you can go to the site given above to check the
status of your subscription, or failing all else, you can get in
touch with us, of course.


Megan Crowhurst, PhD			Phone: 512-471-1701
Department of Linguistics		Fax:   512-471-4340
The University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX  78712-1196

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