How to unsubscribe yourself from Fling

Megan Crowhurst mcrowhurst at MAIL.UTEXAS.EDU
Mon Nov 15 17:14:02 UTC 1999

As I mentioned in an earlier message, one of the benefits of moving
to the new list is that you as listmembers will not be quite as
helpless in arranging for your own subscriptions and unsubscriptions,
etc.  As I forwarded in an earlier message, *to unsubscribe yourself*
follow these steps.

- Using any netbrowser if you have access, go to
- The last item under 'The profession' is 'Lists archived and
searchable on LINGUIST sites'.  Click on that link.
- You will then see a list of lists.  Scroll down to find Fling, then
click on that link.
- Under 'List for Feminists in Linguistics' you will see 'If you wish
to subscribe to the FLING list, you can do so here.'  'Here' is
underlined. Click on it.
- Follow the instructions for there.

Alternatively, you might try sending the one-line message...

unsubscribe listserv at

I have a truly busy week and can't do any more for you right now.  If
this doesn't work, THEN let me know.

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