Megan Crowhurst mcrowhurst at MAIL.UTEXAS.EDU
Mon Nov 15 17:36:25 UTC 1999

Regarding the unsubscription messages, you're getting those because I
unsubscribed you all from the list at the UNC server.  I have
resubscribed everyone on the old list to a new list, so you should be
getting messages.

A plea for your understanding over the next little while. The
inconveniences we are experiencing right now are temporary because
we're switching servers.  This is not something we've inflicted on
you for any diabolical purpose. We didn't have a choice: If we wanted
to keep the list, we had to move it somewhere else.  The problem we
were having with multiple copies of messages last week are fixed now,
and Anthony Aristar has asked me to forward his apologies.  So, bear
with us a bit longer, and we think all the kinks will work themselves


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