gender and syntax

Eva Vanhoorne evavh at YAHOO.FR
Thu Jul 13 14:00:23 UTC 2000

Hi, people of the FLING list,

I don't have a lot of experience with computers, nor
with the English language, but I hope someone of you
can help me.
I'm a student Roman languages at the university of
Ghent, Belgium and I'm writing a paper about the
differences (especially syntactic differences) between
women's and men's language. I would like to study the
oral and written differences in French and wondered if
somebody knows someone who studied those differences
in French. I have also troubles finding written, non
literary sources, to study those differences (I was
thinking about letters from men and woman,
I really hope someone can help me. All suggestions are
welcome 'cause my promotor let's me free to choose
which topics I study.

Eva Vanhoorne
Reigerstraat 38
9000 Gent
tel and fax: 0032 9 222 91 32
evavh at

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