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Dear Flingsters,

Below are the responses to my request for sociolx textbooks that include
lang & gender or texts that could be used to add a lang & gender
component. I'm sorry to have made the request, received responses, and
then gone out of town on various trips without offering them back to
you. Here they are.

Thanks to the following people who made recommendations and/or offered
information: Maggie Gibbon, Janet Holmes, Bonnie McElhinny, Rae Moses,
Kate Remlinger.

Since textbooks were named for different reasons, I've listed them below
in four categories.

Recommended texts (sociolx or lang & gender)
Cameron, Deborah. (1990)
Coates, J. Women, Men, and Language.
Gibbon, Maggie. Feminist perspectives on language
Graddol and Swann. Gender Voices.
Holmes, Janet. An Introduction to Sociolinguistics
Mesthrie, Swann, Deumert & Leap, eds. Introducing Sociolinguistics
Romaine, Suzanne. Language in Society
Talbot, Mary M.. Language and Gender: an Introduction.
Wardaugh, Ronald. An Introduction to Sociolinguistics

Textbooks most widely used by linguistic anthropologists:
Michael Agar, Nancy Bonvillain, Alessandro Duranti, William Foley, Gary
Palmer, Zdenek Salzmann, Ronald Wardhaugh

Of the 15 textbooks published, or published with new editions in the
1990s, 8 include a chapter on language and gender: Bonvillain, Chambers,
Fasold 1990, Foley, Holmes, Macaulay, Romaine, Wardhaugh.  2 of these
include 2 chapters on language and gender: Holmes, Bonvillain.

Language & Gender Readers named:
Cheshire and Trudgill. The Sociolinguistics Reader, Vol II
Coates. Language and Gender.
Kotthof and Wodak. 1997.
Wodak, Ruth. Gender and Discourse.

beth simon

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