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sarah edwards sarahledwards at YAHOO.CO.UK
Tue May 16 08:32:47 UTC 2000

This may come across as a slight bias (!) but
Edinburgh University Press have just published a
textbook, Introducing Sociolinguistics, by Raj
Mesthrie, Joan Swann, Andrea Deumert and William L.

There is a chapter on language and gender (Joan Swann)
which covers such issues as: gender in interaction,
politeness, electronic communication, class, gay
language, sexism, language shift and identity.

Other chapters cover such topics as: speech
communities, regional/social dialectology, language
variation and change, language choice and
code-switching, language contact, language and power,
education/language planning and policy, the
sociolinguistics of sign language.

Desk copies of the book are available on request for
those teaching courses in sociolinguistics to
undergraduates. Please check the EUP website at:
www.eup.ed.ac.uk for more information.

Best wishes
Sarah Edwards
Commissioning Editor
Edinburgh University press
Sarah.Edwards at eup.ed.ac.uk

--- thomas gebhart <tgebhart at MADISON.K12.WI.US> wrote:
> Dear All,
> Based on recent experiences, what socioling
> textbook(s) would you recommend, esp with a
> treatment of language & gender?
> Feel free to backchannel -- simon at ipfw.edu. This
> is beth simon from her summer email.
> thanks,
> beth
> beth lee simon, ph.d.
> assistant professor, linguistics and english
> indiana university purdue university
> tel 219 481 6772, fax 219 481 6985
> email simon at ipfw.edu

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