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My name is Virginie Vergnes, I'm french and I'm studying at the university
of montreal  (Master of primatology). I follow a course with Mister Kevin
TUITE about " Language and gender ".
We have studied differences between the language of women and men, and the
signification of this difference especially in the context of western
culture. Because gender is culture specific, the concepts of gender and
language discussed here may not be applicable outside a western framework.
They might be useful, however, in understanding the implications and
consequences of the imposition of one dominant form over another. " How
cultures view biological functions such as sex are not universal ".
So, I would like to know if Women (and language 's women) are seen in the
same manner (often negative one….) in others cultures.
  Do you have somes articles, somes authors, or researchs to recomand me ,
to indicate me?

I hope that you can read my english and i'm sorry about my faults, I hope
too that my subject was clear.

Thank you so much for your attention to my demand (letter)

Virginie Vergnes

e-mail: himbas at  et vergnesv at
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