Feminisation of titles (English only)

Conrick, Maeve MConrick at FRENCH.UCC.IE
Mon Nov 20 12:32:04 UTC 2000

You might care to look at two chapters of a book I published last year:

Conrick, Maeve (1999)Womanspeak, Dublin: Marino Books/ Mercier Press, ISBN 1
86023 081 4.

The relevant chapters are Chapter 6, 'Girls will be Women' (which contains a
section entitled 'Jobs for the Girls') pp.96-111, and Chapter 7, 'One Man in
Two is a Woman', pp.112-139.

An article of mine which might be of interest (though it deals primarily
with French) is the following:

Conrick, M., (1998) 'Linguistic Perspectives on the Feminisation of
Professional Titles in Canadian French', British Journal of Canadian
Studies, 13: 1, 164-180.

Best wishes for your work.

Maeve Conrick

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