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M. J. Hardman hardman at UFL.EDU
Mon Oct 2 19:00:53 UTC 2000

Thank you.  I will pass this on to her.


>There is something called an "Anti-bias preschool curriculum".  Materials
>exist.  It is a well-publicized area in preschool education.  Have your
>student contact NAEYC - Nat'l Assn for the Education of Young Children.
>They have a journal -_Young Child_ - for practitioners which is also read
>by and contributed to by researchers.  I know of at least one active group
>at Pacific Oaks College in CA which has put together  Anti-bias
>Curriculum materials (mentioned below).
>My essay "Kings are Royaler Than Queens: Language and
>Socialization" appeared in the NAEYC journal, _Young Child_ 45.2, 4-9
>1990. It is written from the perspective of a parent of young children who
>are picking up sexism through language.  Judging from the requests to
>anthologize it since then, I'd say there's a lot of activity in
>reeducation to antibias materials for the children as well as their
>One place in which "Kings are Royaler..." has been anthologized is in the
>Derman-Sparks anthology:
>1992. L. Derman-Sparks (ed.)  Deepening Our Understanding of Anti-bias
>Education for Children: An Anthology of Readings, 174-179,
>Pasadena, CA: Pacific Oaks College.
>Derman-Sparks would be a good contact person for these materials
>and other info on how to promote change in a preschool setting.  In my
>experience with my children's preschool, it takes
>awareness, commitment, and long range re-education of the staff.  It can
>be done.
>Based on my research results on children's conversations, it is not a
>guarantee that children will be immune to all sexism, but it is an
>innoculation.  The children I studied were in an environment in which an
>anti-bias curriculum was being implemented...
>Amy Sheldon
>U of Minnesota
> On Mon, 2 Oct
>2000, M. J. Hardman wrote:
>> A foreign student in my Language and Gender class reported to me that her
>> little 4 year old boy is learning sexism at an alarming rate.  He is in
>> preschool.
>> Do any of you have suggestions on how to protect him from his environment
>> here?
>> MJ Hardman

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