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Elke Hentschel jasam at ZEDAT.FU-BERLIN.DE
Thu Oct 12 19:40:15 UTC 2000

Dear all,

the new issue of _Linguistik online_, no 5, 1_00, ed. by Anita Fetzer &
Karin Pittner, deals with "Conversation analysis: New developments", but
there are two articles on gender-related subjects as well. One is in

Anita Fetzer (Stuttgart): "'Vordergruendig war ich fuer die gar nicht
frau': Zur sprachlichen Repraesentation von Geschlecht"

and one in English:

Peter Kunsmann (Berlin): "Gender, Status and Power in Discourse Behavior
of Men and Women".

For those who don't know _Linguistik online_ yet:

The journal has been founded in 1998. Its concept is to facilitate access
to the results of linguistic research. It is therefore available to
everyone interested, without any fees. You can find it at:
or at

If you want to go at once to the latest issue, just add "/1_00" (without
the quotation marks) to any of these.

Contributions and suggestions are always welcome!


elke hentschel

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