Ursula Riezinger ursula_riezinger at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Oct 23 22:17:09 UTC 2000

Hello, my name is Ursula, I am doing a university course on feminist
linguistics at the moment. If I am not mistaken, your organisation provides
people with useful material / webaddresses etc on relevant topics.

As we are doing a project, I would like to ask you to tell me where I can
get material on the EU-feminist-linguist policy (if there is such a thing )
in the broadest sense,  (like the EU takes measures to preserve the minority
eg on naming in the different countries etc (Mme le or la ministre, director
? directrice, Landeshauptfrau,...)
Are there any EU recommandations or guidelines on this topic,...#
And where can I get information on how individual countries handle this

(Are there amy government / administration / public service regulaions, any
laws, provisions,...)

I am very happy about any information, thanks a lot, Ursula.
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