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On the same lines, Justine Cassell wrote a paper a few years ago 
about the use, or possibly acquisition, of masculine and feminine 
titles for professions in french children.  I'm not sure whether that 
paper has appears, but you could contact the author and find out (she 
is at the media lab at MIT).


>Hello ursula,
>Perhaps this would be of interest:
>Dictionnaire féminin-masculin des professions, titres et fonctions
>électives (1991): Genève: Métropolis
>La féminisation des noms de métiers, fonctions, grades ou titres. Au
>Québec, en Suisse romande, en France et en Communauté française de Belgique
>(1999): Duculot [Français & Société 10]
>best regards,
>eva lia wyss
>Dr. Eva L. Wyss
>Universität Zürich

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