[meid] FW: The Intelligence Of A Woman (fwd)

Esther Kuntjara estherk at PETER.PETRA.AC.ID
Sat Oct 28 07:22:06 UTC 2000

Dear FLINGers, I think you might like this:

---------- Forwarded message ----------

> Three cheers for women !!!
> There were 11 people hanging on to a single rope that suspended them from
> a helicopter trying to bring them to safety. Ten were men; one was a
> woman.
> They all decided that one person would have to let go because if they
> didn't, the rope would break and all of them would die.
> No one could decide who it should be. Finally the woman gave a really
> touching speech, saying how she would give up her life to save the
> because women were used to giving things up for their husbands and
> children and giving in to men.
> All of the men started clapping.
> The End.

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