Second Request for help in a Sociolinguistics study

Suzanne Adel Amin suzanne.amin at ACCESS.COM.EG
Tue Apr 17 16:46:17 UTC 2001

 Dear Professors

Please be advised that I’m Egyptian conducting a study in the field of Sociolinguistics. I’m studying the gender differences in apology speech acts performed by Americans as native English speakers and those performed by some Arabs as foreign language speakers. I am using a questionnaire for collecting data.. So would you kindly evaluate the questionnaire (sent as an attached file) and advise about using quesitionnaires as a tool for data collection.

Actually I’ m facing a  problem in my research as at I can’t find enough number of  female subjects to fill in the questionnaire for me so  I’ll  be grateful  if you forward the questionnaire  I’m using to any Arab females who might be your students. All subjects should be Arab graduate students who are fluent in English.

Thanks in advance for your co-operation.

Suzan Amin
Assistant Lecturer – Department of English
Faculty of Education
Suez Canal University

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