Anyone know this book?

Rebecca Moskow moskowrj at EMAIL.UC.EDU
Tue May 8 15:14:27 UTC 2001

Kathleen Karlyn, at the University of Oregon , and Ellen
Seiter, at UC San Diego , are working on
Unruly Girls: Changing Media for the 21st Century, on teen girls and
popular culture.

>I heard a bit of an radio interview about a new book (most likely
>nonacademic) describing pressures on teens to dress and act according to
>midriff and gangster stereotypes.  Sexy and dumb for girls, tough and dumb
>for boys.  Music video type portrayals.  Does anyone know author or title
>of this book?  --Ann Bodine
>Ann Bodine, Ph.D.
>Institute for Research on Women and Gender
>Serra House
>556 Salvatierra Walk
>Stanford University
>Stanford, CA 94305
>abodine at

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