unica direccion de correo en el futuro/ only mail mail address from now on

Megan Crowhurst mcrowhurst at MAIL.UTEXAS.EDU
Thu Aug 14 23:48:06 UTC 2003

Sorry if a message with a virus ended up getting posted to the list, Elaine.
That's really unfortunate.  However, this list is unmoderated; that means we
don't vet messages posted to the list.  I'll check with the Linguist list
people, but under these circumstances, I don't think there's anything we can do
about this sort of thing, unless we become a moderated list (and we don't have
any intention of doing that, unless anyone out there wants to take the list
over).  Suggestion:  Perhaps the best way to protect yourself would be to make
sure your own antivirus protection is up to snuff, or ... become a Mac user!

All the best,

Quoting thiesmeyer <thiesmey at EZNET.NET>:

> This message had an attachment with a virus; please don't pass such messages
> along.
> Elaine C. Thiesmeyer
> thiesmey at eznet.net
> > ana
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