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> From: berit.v.d.lippe at bi.no
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> Subject: 11.9 - a feminist perspective?
> Date: 25 Feb 2003 18:06:27 +0100
> May I ask you the following question (?, as you see, I do ask...)
> In three weeks there will be a conference here i Norway where 11.9 is the
> focus. I am the only non-male (!) person to speak on that conference and my
> intention is to discuss the media and people´s reaction to the
> terrorists´actions that very day - from a feminist perspective. In any
> case, ie no matter how strong the collective identity-feeling might have
> been, I think it is possible - in this case as in most other cases - to see
> identities as multiple and ambigous even/already that tragic day.
> Thus: Do you know about any analyses (literature) on this issue. (So far I
> have seen only one,in American Anthropologist).
> Sincerly
> Berit von der Lippe
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