out-of-office messages?

Janet Holmes Janet.Holmes at VUW.AC.NZ
Sat Aug 14 01:38:37 UTC 2004

It's been a major problem Megan

I have temporarily solved the worst of it by using a "Rules Wizard" rule to move the offending emails to my delete box as they arrive

I specified that the messages to be deleted had in the sender box the phrase
devnull at MAIL.USYD.EDU.AU

it seems to be working and if you find it works for you, you might like to let others know


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Subject: out-of-office messages?

Dear Flingsters,

Given (literally hundreds) of error messages I'm receiving from a
member who is out of the office, I suspect you're getting many 'out
of the office' messages too.  I'm afraid (short of deleting the
member temporarily) from the list, there isn't anything I can do
about this.  Probably, the problem is that the member has set the
email program to reply. It's an interesting problem, because I don't
think we've encountered this before! (Any idea what might be
happening?  This isn't an attempt to single out the member, just to
work out the problem in order to make suggestions about how to solve
it...)  Of course, maybe it doesn't bother you-plural.  Let meknow!

All best,


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