multiple copies of email

Valerie call_me_val75 at YAHOO.COM
Sat Aug 14 06:19:33 UTC 2004

You all might try blocking that particular address if your email server allows that.  I did that and it seems to work so far.


Mara Henderson <mhenderson at UMAIL.UCSB.EDU> wrote:
same problem here....looks like it's a problem with the list. tried
unsubscribing....doesn't seem to be working. let me know if you find/hear of a


Quoting Vaso Elefsiniotis

> I have nearly 300 copies of three letters redirected to my email.
> What's going on with list?!!!!!!!
> Vaso Elefsiniotis
> Linguist
> Yamaji Language Centre
> PO Box 433
> Geraldton
> Ph: 08 99643550
> Fax: 08 99644690
> email: linguist at

Mara Henderson
mhenderson at

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