out-of-office messages?

Sally McConnell-Ginet smg9 at CORNELL.EDU
Sat Aug 14 19:51:35 UTC 2004

And it is apparently continuing.  Like Janet, I've set up a filter,
but the messages do still come in even tho' they are immediately put
in the trash.  Should perhaps the whole list be shut down and then
relaunched?  Sally

>It's been a major problem Megan
>I have temporarily solved the worst of it by using a "Rules Wizard"
>rule to move the offending emails to my delete box as they arrive
>I specified that the messages to be deleted had in the sender box the phrase
>devnull at MAIL.USYD.EDU.AU
>it seems to be working and if you find it works for you, you might
>like to let others know
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>Sent: Saturday, 14 August 2004 3:26 a.m.
>Subject: out-of-office messages?
>Dear Flingsters,
>Given (literally hundreds) of error messages I'm receiving from a
>member who is out of the office, I suspect you're getting many 'out
>of the office' messages too.  I'm afraid (short of deleting the
>member temporarily) from the list, there isn't anything I can do
>about this.  Probably, the problem is that the member has set the
>email program to reply. It's an interesting problem, because I don't
>think we've encountered this before! (Any idea what might be
>happening?  This isn't an attempt to single out the member, just to
>work out the problem in order to make suggestions about how to solve
>it...)  Of course, maybe it doesn't bother you-plural.  Let meknow!
>All best,
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