i think we fixed it!

Kira Hall Kira.Hall at COLORADO.EDU
Mon Aug 16 05:00:47 UTC 2004

Dear Flingsters,

I think we finally fixed the list, and I apologize for the hundreds of
spam messages you've gotten over the weekend.  I contacted the list
administrator at the Linguist List, and he added the appropriate
filters.  Following his suggestion in the message attached below (if
you're interested), I've asked him to change the list so that only
subscribers may post.  This should bar further spam like this in the


Kira Hall

Forwarded message from Michael Appleby, Listserv Administrator:

Dear Kira,

Thank you for letting us know about this.  I made a couple of changes
to the list: I unsubscribed the address
'emily.farrell at LINGUISTICS.USYD.EDU.AU' which seems to be behind at
least some of the messages, and I added a filter so that
'devnull at mail.usyd.edu.au' may not post to this list.  I hope this has
fixed the problem.

Another way to reduce spam is to change the list configuration so that
only subscribers may post.  This would have stopped this particular
problem, though it would not block the occasional 'out of office'
autoreply that I think most unmoderated lists get.  I don't know if
this arrangement will be appropriate for your list, so please let me
know if you would like it.

Incidentally, I have also updated your email address in the list of
owners to kira.hall at colorado.edu.  The previous one had been causing
errors.  As such, you will probably find you receive more list-related
mail.  If this is inconvenient, I can set you to be a 'quiet' listowner
which stops Listserv sending you automatic notification messages.

I hope all this is helpful.  The Listserv administrators are myself and
Takako Matsui (tako at linguistlist.org).  Please let us know if there is
anything else we can do.

Best regards,

Michael Appleby
Listserv Administrator

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