Topic of MA thesis: the discursive construction of femininity in women's conversations

Kiran kiran at THISBE.DSL.RU.AC.ZA
Sat Aug 6 14:42:03 UTC 2005

Hi everyone

I am a new member to this list, indeed to the online dicussion list
system, so please excuse me if I make any horrible faux pas!

I am doing my MA (by full thesis) in Linguistics at Rhodes University,
Grahamstown, South Africa. My thesis is provisionally entitled: "The
Discursive Construction of the Ideal Female Body in the Conversation of
Female Friends". So I'm interested in how one aspect of femininity,
namely the ideal female body shape and size, is constructed in conversation.

Does anyone have a similar research interest? I'm looking to share and
bounce ideas around on this topic.

Kiran Pienaar

Department of English Language and Linguistics
Rhodes University
PO Box 94
South Africa

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