Solidarity, Sustainability, and Non-Violence ~ February 2007

Luis Gutierrez LTG214B at VERIZON.NET
Thu Feb 1 23:40:23 UTC 2007

Dear friends,

May I invite you to see the current issue of the following free

Solidarity, Sustainability, and Non-Violence
Volume 3, Number 2, February 2007

This issue includes:

* Analysis of the U.N. Millennium Development Goals
      o Focus on Goal 2: Universal Primary Education
* Review of UNICEF's "State of the World's Children 2007"
* Web site review of "Facing the Future" (K-K16 educational materials)
* Knowledge organization model for our growing links directory
* Another view of the prayer-study-action model of human development
* Reflection on approaching the 40th anniversary of "Humanae vitae"
* Brief meditation (poem) on tolerance by John T. Baker

See also the "invited article" ....

"Will women ever govern the Roman Catholic Church?"
by John Wijngaards

Please notice the call for papers and the upgraded resource directories.

Feedback is always welcome.


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Luis T. Gutierrez, Ph.D.
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