International Gender and Language Book Prize 2008

Mills, Sara S.L.Mills at SHU.AC.UK
Tue Jul 8 11:08:15 UTC 2008

International Gender and Language book Prize 2008

The Executive of the International Gender and Language Association are happy to announce that the winner of the IGALA Book Prize for the most outstanding gender and language book for 2008 is: 

 Marjorie Harness Goodwin's The Hidden Life of Girls, Blackwell, 2006.

The shortlisted books were 

Mullany: Gendered Discourse in the Workplace, Palgrave, 2007.

Cameron and Kulick eds.: Language and Sexuality Reader, Routledge, 2006.

DeFrancisco and Palczewski eds.: Communicating Gender Diversity, Sage, 2007.

McElhinny ed: Words, Worlds and Material Girls, Mouton de Gruyter, 2007.

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Co-ordinator of IGALA Book Prize
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