The Sustainable Development Paradox - Parts 1 & 2

Luis Gutierrez luisgutierrez at PEOPLEPC.COM
Thu Feb 5 09:03:02 UTC 2009

The January 2009 and February 2009 issues of the E-Journal of
"Solidarity, Sustainability, and Nonviolence"are parts 1 and 2 of a
planned 3 part series on the "sustainable development paradox" ....

  Part 1 - (January 2009)
  Part 2 - (February 2009)
  Part 3 - in preparation (March 2009)

Part 1 shows that it is not possible to make the social, economic,
political, and environmental dimensions of sustainable development work
together unless homo economicus becomes homo solidarius.

Part 2 shows that the transition from homo economicus to homo solidarius
will take time but is feasible as it does not require further
evolutionary development of homo sapiens sapiens.

Part 3 will explore human nature -- the psychosomatic-spiritual nature
of homo sapiens sapiens -- to discern how the required growth in human
solidarity can best be fostered.

Note: Part 2 begins to get into the anthropological, psychological,
vocational, and educational dimensions, in preparation for Part 3.  The
analysis is based on Paulo Freire's "Pedagogy of the Oppressed."

Comments, corrections, and suggestions are most welcome.

Luis T. Gutierrez, Ph.D.
The Pelican Web
Editor, Solidarity, Sustainability, and Nonviolence

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