Journal of Sustainable Development -- October 2009

Luis Gutierrez luisgutierrez at PEOPLEPC.COM
Tue Oct 6 02:05:47 UTC 2009

This is to let you know that the October 2009 issue has been posted:

     Section 1. Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)
     Section 2. Combined Analysis of ESD Surveys V0 to V1.7
     Section 3. Phases of Integral Human Development (IHD)
     Section 4. The Nuptial-Family Context for IHD
     Section 5. The Socioeconomic Context for IHD
     Section 6. The Socioecological Context for IHD
     Section 7. The Sociopolitical Context for IHD
     Section 8. The Religious-Spiritual Context for IHD
     Section 9. Suggestions for Prayer, Study, and Action

This is Part 7 of the series on education for sustainable development,
plus four excellent invited papers.


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