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Functions of Language 2, 2 (1995)


Susan Hunston:
A corpus study of some English verbs of attribution

Linda Manney:
Pragmatic motivation for inflectional middle voice in Modern Greek

J. R. Martin:
Logical meaning, interdependency and the linking particle na/-ng in Tagalog

Review articles:

Angela Downing:
A functional grammar for students of English

M. A. K. Halliday:
A recent view of  "missteps" in linguistic theory


Barry J. Blake. Case/ R. M. W. Dixon. Ergativity (Kevin Tuite)
Alan Firth (ed.) The Discourse of Negotiation (Kelly Glover)
Peter Kahrel and Rene Van den Berg (eds.) Typological Studies in Negation
(Jan Nuyts)
Suzanne Kemmer. The Middle Voice (Linda Manney)
Frank Palmer. Grammatical Roles and Relations (Richard Hudson)
Anthony R. Warner. English Auxiliaries: Structure and History (Louis Goossens)

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