FunkNet: query re. grad. school opportunities in UK

the girl-next-planet MAKEE at DAVIDSON.EDU
Mon Dec 18 21:46:22 UTC 1995

Hi there,
    My name's May Kee and I'm an international student currently in my
third-year at Davidson College, North Carolina. I realize this question might
be better directed elsewhere but I am fresh out of ideas as to where at the
moment, so this is the first place I'm starting.

    I'm majoring in Psychology and have a definite interest in going into
Applied Linguistics for a Masters/PhD if possible, but I'm trying to get to the
United Kingdom for that. My interest lies in the area of second-language

    I've tried looking up universities which offer courses in this area, over
the web, but I'd still like some information as to which ones I should look
into and any relevant information about degree transferability between the UK
and the US. I have the University of Edinburgh, Birkbeck College (U. of London)
and Cambridge marked down as possible places, but should I be looking elsewhere
too? I realize it's tough answering questions re. UK universities, but if anyone
could even just point me towards a possible good source of information, I'd be
more than grateful.

Thanking you in advance,
 May Kee

                                 L. May Kee
                  P.O. Box 2390, Davidson, NC 28036, U.S.A.
                          makee at

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