irregular developments

Noel E. Rude nrude at FISICA.USON.MX
Wed Nov 1 21:51:42 UTC 1995

        We might also think about the historic development and
generalization of ablaut patterns in, e.g., Semitic.  There perhaps the
most development has been in Arabic.  Noun pluralization was much more
regular (and generally suffixal) earlier on, but now there are many
patterns, kitaab-, kutub- `book(s)', kalb-, kilaab- `dog(s)', etc.  `bank'
(the financial variety), I believe, has been borrowed as bank-, bunuuk-.
We have here the evolution of a rather irregular system (plurals are pretty
irregular in a lot of lgs.), and along with suppletive verb paradigms,
Slavic aspectual contrasts, we can see that development/change/grammatical-
ization can absorb irregularities as it progresses.  I'm not so much
worried about the terminology as how you guys help me to understand this.

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