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Brush, B. beaumont_brush at SIL.ORG
Tue Nov 14 23:00:00 UTC 1995

     Dear Funknetters--

        I am writing to ask for opinions on a book: Rik Pinxten et al.'s
     _The Anthropology of Space_ (1981), in which the authors propose and
     utilize a device they call the Universal Frame of Reference (UFOR) to
     discover the spatial conceptualizations of their Navajo subjects.

        Question: have any of you ever used this? My primary interest is
     spatial semantics, and so I'd like to hear from people who have either
     used this device or who know of the book and have an opinion on it.
     All manner of comments are invited, and I'll post a summary if there
     is enough interest.

     Beaumont Brush
     UT Arlington

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