Conference for AL Becker

Mon Oct 16 21:55:18 UTC 1995

                        Conference Announcement

                        The Notion of Person:
        A Conference to Honor the Work of Alton L. Becker

        Many contemporary scholars have been inspired at some point in
their careers by the work of A.L. Becker.  In this conference invited
speakers will acknowledge and celebrate that influence by presenting a
series of papers addressing one aspect of Becker's framework defining the
contextual constraints on text-building acts: the notion of person.
        Professor Becker has written that person, or the ordering of
linguistic forms according to their distance from the speaker, may be the
central thread in the semantic structuring of all languages.  We will
explore how the notion of person is expressed in aspects of linguistic
systems; e.g. deictics, pronouns, classifiers, metaphors, style.  Those
interested in discourse analysis, sociolingustics, pragmatics,
anthropology, and second language acquisition will find much of interest.
        The two day working conference, May 17 & 18 1996 at the
University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon, will include ample time for
reflection with Professor Becker acting as respondent after presented
papers and during round table discussions.
        For a registration form and accommodations, contact Pat Rounds:
plrounds at Please write "Becker Conference" on the
Subject line of your message.  The conference fee is $45.
        If you're interested in helping with the conference or need more
information contact Charley Basham FFCSB at or Susan
Fiksdal fiksdals at

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