Process-morpheme stems

Michel Buijs mbuijs at RULLET.LEIDENUNIV.NL
Tue Oct 31 11:21:43 UTC 1995

>     Do any of you funknetters know of a case of a root or stem which
>     consists of a process morpheme?  Zero stems have occasionally been
>     posited (and I'd be interested in any good examples of those you
>     have), but I don't know of any stems consisting of say a tone pattern
>     or (more likely) tone shift, an umlaut or ablaut, a reduplication,
>     palatalization, etc. It seems like they should be a predicted kind of
>     limiting case, though there are good reasons for them to be pretty
>     rare.  Any examples?
>     --David Tuggy

I am puzzled as to what exactly you mean, but the phenomena you are looking
for may include the following examples from Ancient Greek:

- reduplication: the stem of the substantive ag-oog-e (training) as
compared to the verb ag-oo (to lead)

- shortening of a long final vowel of a stem, as in dika-io-s (just; short
a): stem: dika- (long a)

- dropping of part of the stem: the substantive soophro-sune (+/-
moderation): stem: soophron-, and the like.

Or am I completely mistaken?

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