Modal survey

Alan R. King mccay at JET.ES
Tue Apr 16 15:45:49 UTC 1996

As part of a study on the typology of modality expressions in the world's
languages, I request translations into as many languages as possible of the
following three sentences:

1)  I can go to Tokyo.
2)  I have to go to Tokyo.
3)  I want to go to Tokyo.

Please literal-gloss the sentences; any further grammatical explanations or
comments will also be most welcome.  "Tokyo" may be replaced by any other
place if that is more convenient.  If there is a choice of possible
translations, you may give more than one, commenting if possible on
differences between them.

I may want to come back to those who reply with a longer list of more
detailed questions on the subject, so you may wish to indicate in your reply
whether or not you would object to this.

This message will be cross-posted on some other lists; I apologise to those

Many thanks!

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