Missing persons

Kathie Carpenter KathieC at OREGON.UOREGON.EDU
Wed Jan 17 03:32:40 UTC 1996

For some reason, the SEALS conference mailing list does not have current
snail mail addresses for any of the folks listed below, and their hardcopy
conference announcements all came bouncing back to me.
If you know the whereabouts of any of them, please forward this message to
them, or send me their address.

Kathie Carpenter
SEALS VI - Southeast Asian Linguistics Society Annual Conference
University of Oregon
11-13 May

Poeraatmadja Andang
Supa Angkurawaranon
B.W. Bender
Michael Dennison
Keith Denning
Sayasithsena Douangkeo
Mohammad Fallahi
Susana Felizardo
Lang Hein
Than Hlaing
Deiter Huber
Lisma Ibrahim
Kitima Indrambarya
Hitoshi Isahara
Nadar Jahangiri
Iran Kalbassi
John Kerby
Paul Kroeger
Somanat Nakornjarupong
Der Hwa Rau
Noiwan Saeng
Eric Schiller
Emily Sityar
Nancy Smith-Hefner
Sayasithsena Souksomboun
Sawangwong Vanavech
Lopao Vang
Nicholas Zefran

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