contents Functions of Language 3,1 (1996)

Dirk Noel noel at RUCA.UA.AC.BE
Wed Jun 5 22:33:54 UTC 1996

Subscribers to this list might be interested to know that the first
issue of the third volume of the journal Functions of Language is now


William McGregor:
Arguments for the category of verb phrase

John Myhill:
_Can_ and future meaning

Rick Floyd:
Experience, certainty and control, and the direct evidential in
Wanka Quechua questions

Clare Painter:
Learning about learning: Construing semiosis in the pre-school years

Ruth A. Berman and Dan Isaac Slobin (eds.) Relating Events in
Narrative: A Crosslinguistic Developmental Study (Elena Lieven);
Wallace Chafe. Discourse, Consciousness, and Time: The Flow and
Displacement of Conscious Experience in Speaking and Writing (Judy
Jane A. Edwards and Martin D. Lampert (eds.) Talking Data:
Transcription and Coding in Discourse Research (Paul ten Have);
Rita Nolan. Cognitive Practices: Human Language and Human Knowledge
(Hubert Cuyckens);
Cecile L. Paris. User Modelling in Text Generation (John A. Bateman)

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