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Good Language Software languagesoftware at ACCESS.CH
Tue Mar 12 00:15:17 UTC 1996

> Good Language Software. Information release. Dear netizen, We produce
> and market the following Natural Language Processing, Educational,
> Computer Assisted English Language Learning and Teaching software for
> IBM and compatible, DOS or WINDOWS: Text Processing Software. -
> SYNTPARSE, for parsing (grammatical analysis of the sentence on the
> level Parts of the Sentence, incl. display of the Verbal Tense, Voice,
> Mood) of English texts. - SYNTCHECK, English orthographical and
> grammatical spellchecker designed to benefit both the student and the
> professional. Displays statistics of the orthographical and of the
> grammatical (concord, usage, verb related) errors. Displays the total
> number of errors, their percentage and the number of words and
> sentences spellchecked. Suggests corrections for the grammatical
> errors. Collects the unknown words in the text. Thesauri: -
> SOFTHESAURUS, English Electronic Thesaurus based on concepts, displays
> up to 18 types of word and word-group relationships to the entry word,
> provides a definition of the word's meaning, displays the prepositions
> with which the word is used and gives text examples, with an option to
> add translation of the word into another language and self-update the
> electronic dictionary. - LINGUATERM, Multilingual (English, German,
> French and Spanish) Electronic Thesaurus of Linguistic Terminology.
> Displays up to 22 types of word and word-group relationships to the
> entry word, incl. definitions, text examples and an option to update
> it and include more languages. - GEOATLAS, Multilingual (English,
> German, French and Italian) Electronic Lexicon of related place names.
> Includes all major geographical names in the world and their
> relationship(s), language and political information (at high-school
> level), with an option to expand and update it. - ENGLISH-RUSSIAN
> Machine Translation software program. You can download zipped DEMO
> versions of the programs at:
> http://www.access.ch/languagesoftware/welcome.html If you don't have
> the WinZip program to unzip our programs, a link is provided to such a
> program, from our homepage. The performance of the DEMO versions
> matches that of the commercial versions. There is no charge for the
> DEMO versions, the user is free to copy and distribute them. The DEMO
> versions will be available until 20.09.1996. Send E-mail to:
> languagesoftware at access.ch P.S. If you get an error message while
> trying to connect to our homepage, please, try again. This happens
> often to everybody at busy sites. If your downloading "freezes",
> please, try again. That could happen sometimes to anyone of us,
> anywhere on the net. We have no Mac versions. Those with Mac, who
> would be willing to purchase the commercial software, can send us a
> message, so that we see if we should develop Mac versions or not.

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