Jon Aske jaske at ABACUS.BATES.EDU
Mon Nov 18 20:28:12 UTC 1996

Dear Funknetters,

Sorry to break the ongoing silence with such a mundane question, but I'm
going to the LSA meeting in January for the first time and don't know
anybody else who is going (I live in a very isolated part of the
country).  So I thought I'd ask my fellow travelers on this list about
the issue of rooming accomodations.  I take it from the forms I have
received from the LSA that double rooms cost half as much (per person)
as single rooms.  If so, how does one go about finding rooming partners.
Do you have to bring your own or does the hotel make the sleeping

Anyway, that's all for today.  Hope you all are fine despite the
reigning silence.  You're probably all working as hard as I am.

Best, Jon

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