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Patrick Griffiths griffith at KULA.USP.AC.FJ
Mon Apr 7 21:18:47 UTC 1997

On Mon, 7 Apr 1997, Tom Payne wrote:

> Has anyone ever made lists of "regular" vs. "irregular" (or "strong")
> verbs in English....

I don't know about the semantic side of the query (= .... in the quotation
above), but Bernard Bloch did a very detailed allomorphic taxononmy of
English verb classes in LANGUAGE, 1947, 23:  399-418 (reprinted in M Joos
(ed) Readings in linguistics I, U Chicago Press, 1966, 243-254). The
article is called "English verb inflection".

Looking through Bloch's lists might offer an answer to the semantic

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