Enrique Figueroa E. efiguero at CAPOMO.USON.MX
Tue Apr 8 20:47:42 UTC 1997

Same here! Just told him privately! But then, perhaps the child clearly
differenciated -n from -ng..., which in no way excludes a strong
association! Max

On Tue, 8 Apr 1997, Daniel L. Everett wrote:

> > My son, for example, had a
> > regularized past tense with -ed and a regularized past participle with
> > -en.  He would say things like, "Daddy, my airplane needs fixen," and
> > then also, "He fixed my airplane".
> >
> How do you know that the ending was really the adult -en, as opposed to
> what I would have expected in this environment, namely -ing [-In] (in my
> dialect, So. Calif. English)?

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