Q: course ideas - Lg & Culture, Lgs of the World

Yuphaphann Hoonchamlong yui at IPIED.TU.AC.TH
Thu Apr 10 09:04:19 UTC 1997

On Wed, 9 Apr 1997, Toshihide Nakayama wrote:

>    - textbooks
>      (in addition to ref., it would be really helpful if you could tell
> me your
>       experience with them)
For Lgs of the World's textbook: Bernard Comrie's "The world's major
languages. Ethnologue database also is interesting (located at www.sil.org)

 >    - what kind of things you would put in such courses
For language and culture: Sapir-Whorf hypothesis and later studies on that.
(including Lakoff's
book: Women Fire and Dangerous things.).Perhaps some cross cultural
communication thing too.
A friend of mine taught an undergrad course in Cross cultural Comm. She has
on on-line course at:
http://www.siu.edu/~ekachai/301.html. You might find some interesting
link from there.

>    - possible ways of organizing such courses
>      (if you don't mind sharing your syllabi and/or reading lists, they
> would be
>       greatly appreciated)

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