Things that need fixed

Thu Apr 10 18:44:31 UTC 1997

I've just joined in this discussion and saw the message asking the
question as to where else this construction is found.  Most of my students
from the Pittsburgh area use constructions of this type.  "The baby needs
changed", for example.  Our former departartmental secretary, who was from
West Virginia also had this speech pattern.  Our university is located
about 10 minutes from Erie, PA and about 90 min north of Pittsburgh.  I am
told by locals that this construction is not typical of the Erie area
although you here it from peoploe who've relocated from Pittsburgh.  I
cannot recall hearing this form at all in Chatauqua or Erie County, NY, or
the Buffalo area, which is also about 90 min from Erie.

Deborah DuBartell

Deborah DuBartell, Ph.D.
Linguistics Program
Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
Edinboro, PA  16444 USA

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