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SKY 1996 (The Yearbook of the Linguistic Association of Finland) (ed. by
Timo Haukioja, Marja-Liisa Helasvuo and Elise Ka"rkka"inen, 176 pp.) is now

Table of Contents:

Marja-Liisa Helasvuo: A Discourse Perspective on the Grammaticization of the
Partitive Case in Finnish

Tuomas Huumo: On the Semantic Function of Domain Instrumentals

Esa Itkonen: Is there a 'Computational Paradigm' within Linguistics?

Ritva Laury: Pronouns and Adverbs, Figure and Ground: The Local Case Forms
and Locative Forms of the Finnish Demonstratives in Spoken Discourse

Arja Piirainen-Marsh: Face and the Organization of Intercultural Interaction

Eeva-Leena Seppa"nen: Ways of Referring to a Knowing Co-participant in
Finnish Conversation

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Also available:

SKY 1993 (Ed. by Susanna Shore and Maria Vilkuna, 272 pp.)


Deirdre Wilson & Dan Sperber: Pragmatics and Time

Laurence R. Horn: Economy and Redundancy in a Dualistic Model of Natural

Lauri Carlson: Dialogue Games with Finnish Clitics

Maria Vilkuna: Finnish juuri and just: Varieties of Contextual Uniqueness

Knud Lambrecht: C'est pas con comme idee - The Syntax of Non-Focal Predicate
Nominals in Spoken French

Auli Hakulinen: The Grammar of Opening Routines

Pirkko Nuolija"rvi: Interacting in an Institutional Setting

Susanna Shore: A Functional and Social-Semiotic Perspective on Language,
Context and Text


Jan-Ola O"stman: Introduction

Anna-Mari Ma"kela": Functional Ambivalence in Headlines in The Sun and The

Jaana Po"ppo"nen & Pirjo-Liisa St at hlberg: Whose War Is It? The Hidden
Ideology of the Persian Gulf War

Pa"ivi Autio: Source Indication as a Persuasive Strategy in News Reporting

Heli Huttunen: Pragmatic Functions of the Agentless Passive in News Reports
of the 1990 Helsinki Summit

Tomi Palo: Metaphors They Live By: Metaphorical Expressions in the Context
of the Soviet Crisis 1991


Martti Nyman: Mental Strain and Abstract Characterization

Timo Haukioja: Language, Parameters, and Natural Selection.

(Price USD 14 / FIM 70 plus shipping&handling)

SKY 1994 (Ed. by Susanna Shore and Maria Vilkuna, 192 pp.)

John Harris & Geoff Lindsey: Segmental Decomposition and the Signal

Harry van der Hulst: An Introduction to Radical CV Phonology

Pirkko Kukkonen: Consonant Harmony

Markku Filppula & Anneli Sarhimaa: Cross-Linguistic Syntactic Parallels and
Contact-Induced Change

Marja Leinonen: Interpreting the Perfect: the Past as Explanation

Martti Nyman: All You Need is What the System Needs?

(Price USD 14 / FIM 70 plus shipping&handling)

SKY 1995 (Ed. by Tapio Hokkanen, Marja Leinonen and Susanna Shore, 208 pp.)


Tuomas Huumo: Bound Domains: A Semantic Constraint on Existentials

Tarja Riitta Heinonen: Null Subjects in Finnish: from Either-Or to More-Or-Less

Lea Laitinen: Metonymy and the Grammaticalization of Necessity in Finnish

Merja Koskela: Variation of Thematic Structure within a Text

Maija Gro"nholm: Wo"rter und Formen in Finnischen als Zweitsprache: wachsen
sie Hand in Hand?

Esa Penttila": Linguistic Holism with Special Reference to Donald Davidson


Esa Itkonen: A Note on Explaning Language Change

Martti Nyman: On Dialect Split and Random Change

(Price  USD 14 / FIM 70 plus shipping&handling)

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