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Thu Apr 24 18:00:47 UTC 1997

'Innate' 1: Given the distribution of an attribute in an adult population,
        and knowledge of who mates with whom, we can predict the distribution
        of the attribute in the offspring population.  Crucially, no mention
        of the role of experience or other environmental factors.

'Innate' 2: The essential nature of something; derived from the mind rather
        than experience, etc.

Given the potential for confusion between the two meanings, it is probably
best not to use the word if it can be avoided.

In addition to MacWhinney's list of references, see also papers by
Vargha-Khadem and colleagues (e.g., Proceedings of the National Academy
of Sciences USA (1995) 92(3):930-933), Sokal and colleagues (American
Naturalist (1990) 135(2):157-175, and Cavalli-Sforza and colleagues.

Bill Turkel

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