phonetics/phonology and parrots

Fri Apr 25 21:32:23 UTC 1997

To those who are interested
( especially toBill Turkel):
I have yet to publish anything on the phonological processes
(lots of rhyming, word play etc. in the parrot...though we
are actively preparing a little article).
If you are interested in production of phonetic contrasts
we have one paper out on vowels:
D.K. Patterson and I.M. Pepperberg, "A comparative
study of human and parrot phonation: Acoustic and
 articulatory correlates of vowels," J. Acoust. Soc. Amer.
 96, pp. 634-648, 1994.

and one paper out on articulation (X-ray video of the
bird talking):
D.K. Warren, D.K. Patterson, and  I.M. Pepperberg,
 "Mechanisms of American English vowel production
in an African Grey parrot" Auk  113, 41-58, 1996.

We are working on a description of  stop consonants.
Thanks for your interest.

Dr. Bates,
Thankyou, I do know about Kluender, Kuhl, Dooling
etc. and what they have to say about categorical
perception of phonetic contrasts.  They are
certainly the pioneers in these areas.  My own work
has examined production of these contrasts...but I
am looking forward to (and in the middle of)
looking at slightly higher level more phonological
stuff...syllabic template evidence, assimilation,
cluster reduction etc.  The database is rich in
evidence of complex word play.  Anyone intrigued
should check out the following paper which
provides some basic evidence of the vocal behavior
I think is so interesting:
        Pepperberg, I.M., Brese, K.J., and Harris, B. (1991).
 "Solitary sound play during acquisition of English
 vocalizations by an African Grey parrot (Psittacus
 erithacus): Possible parallels with children's monologue
 speech," Appl. Psycholing. 12, 151-178.
Thanks to all of you for sharing your views, interests
and information.  I am finding it very valuable.
Dianne Patterson

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