the debate

Enrique Figueroa E. efiguero at CAPOMO.USON.MX
Mon Apr 28 16:22:35 UTC 1997

I think we all, both listeners and arguers (and role-exchangers), do
learn a lot from these (most of the time) healthy discussions. Which is
what lists are for, or not?
I guess the main goal of a scientific discussion is not no defeat and
convince an opponent, but to contribute to overall clarification,
including one's own views and arguments.
Much of this -as I have more than once already pointed out- should also
take place within our classrooms, but... Which makes these discussions so
much more (the) interesting! Respectful greetings to all, arguers,
listeners and role-exchangers! Max

PS. Chris is right, too, about extrascientific information (and
education) we get out of them!

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