<Funk> Student survey: Phonological theory

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Mon Apr 28 00:24:00 UTC 1997

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     Phonology Theory Survey for Students

        This is a survey of how phonological theory is taught and learned
     in introductory courses, including graduate level Phonology I and II.
     I have been investigating the most common conceptual difficulties for
     students of phonology and would appreciate your help. You need not
     have taken it recently to answer the survey. Summary posted with
     sufficient response.

     Thanks in advance,
     Beaumont Brush

     Phonology courses you have taken:
     Which aspects of phonological theory did you find the most difficult,
     and why?
     Textbook(s) used in each phonology course you've taken:
     Article(s) used in each phonology course you've taken:
     Institution you study(ed) at (will not be named in any report or

     Personal information (optional but appreciated)
     How long have you taught phonology?

     Names will not be used in any work. However, if it is OK to list your
     name as a respondent in a mailing list summary, please type the word

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