Jon Aske jaske at ABACUS.BATES.EDU
Wed Apr 30 01:52:32 UTC 1997

Although I am not going to rush to join, it is nice to hear that our
presence would be tolerated in the GB2MP list. I doubt, however, that it
would be seen with good eyes if that list received as high a percentage of
postings from functionalists as this list receives from formalists.

Speaking for myself, I have nothing against formalists participating on
this list per se.  I think it's wonderful.  Sometimes I wonder about these
colleagues' motivations, though.  I do find it a bit annoying when the
apparent sole purpose of their participation is to disparage the basic
tenets of functionalism in linguistics, uncertain as these perhaps are,
rather than to propose constructive criticism.

I also must say, why not, that I found Tony's posting a bit disturbing.
 Perhaps it is my imagination, and perhaps it was unintended, but I sensed
a patronizing attitude in its tone which I would be happy to be spared
having to hear again in this list.  Like that stuff about lacking empirical
motivation.  Was that supposed to be a flame, or what?  Good thing we're
pretty thick skinned around here from having had to put up with stuff like
that for so long.


Jon Aske
jaske at abacus.bates.edu

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