Fri Jul 18 15:17:01 UTC 1997


Below you will find a home page for a dissertation written by
Christina Gitsaki.  She has an impressive list of references on
collocations.  (I know that Gitsaki now has a new e-mail address
although I do not have a handy record of it at the moment.)

     Date: Thu, 11 Jul 1996 19:23:44 +1000 From: Christina
     Gitsaki <chris at LINGUA.CLTR.UQ.OZ.AU> Subject: Ph.D. Thesis
     on Collocations

     Dear Colleagues, I would like to announce that my Ph.D.
     Thesis on the Development of ESL Collocational Knowledge is
     now available on WWW. Here's the URL:

     Any comments will be greatly appreciated.

     Regards, Christina Gitsaki

     Copyright 1996 by Christina Gitsaki

I am also interested in the study of collocations and fixedness,
so I would appreciate receiving a summary of what you find.

Ali Aghbar, Dept. of English, Indiana U. of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA 15705
aaghbar at   Phone: (412) 357 4937

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