Sat Jul 19 05:14:38 UTC 1997

Dear Funknetters,
I am investigating the relationship between language proficiency as it is
defined in the measurement literature and cognitive variables.One of the
cognitive variables which has kicked up a lot of controversy is
intelligence.Some people claim that intelligence is the same as language
proficiency, while some others believe that language proficiency has got
nothing to do with intelligence.A big problem here is that no one is
completely clear on the meaning of the term intelligence.Worse still is the
nature of the relationship between cognition and intelligence:How are these
two related?Which one is a subpart of the other?
I would be grateful to receive comments related to the nature of language
proficiency,intelligence, and cognition.
Ramin Akbari,English Department,
Tarbait Modarss University,Tehran,Iran.
email:AKBARI_R at

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