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Vol. I, 1 of the Journal of Amazonian Languages is due off the presses in
the next couple of weeks. The Table of Contents for the first number of
volume one is:

Margaret R. MacEachern, Barbara Kern, and Peter Ladefoged. 'Wari' Phonetic

Glenn Shephard Jr. 'Noun classification and ethnozoological
classification in Machiguenga, an Arawakan language of the Peruvian Amazon.

Alejandra Vidal. 'Noun classification in Pilaga (Guaykuruan)'.

If you have already subscribed to this journal, your copy will be sent to
you around the first week of April. If you have not yet subscribed but
would like to, please contact:

Ms. Carolyn Anderson
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University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15260, USA

-- Dan Everett


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